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“We guarantee the purchase and/or sale of your real estate transaction. “

Real Estate Agency in Lecce

We have been present in the Puglia real estate market for thirty years.

Rely on the local professionals

You should never attempt to handle an international real estate transaction on your own.

Vitale Immobiliare, thirty years of experience at your service


By contacting the Vitale Immobiliare Agency of Lecce, you will receive the highest level of experience, honesty and integrity for the purchase and/or sale of your real estate transaction. Over the last thirty years, the owner, real estate agent Luigi Vitale, has gained great experience nationally and internationally. He has attended professional training courses overseas and has obtained major international certifications such as C.I.P.S. (Certified International Property Specialist) and T.R.C. (Transnational Referral Certified), both received from the United States.

He is a leading proponent at F.I.A.I.P.

He is a leading exponent of the FIAIP

Thanks to his skills in international real estate brokerage and knowledge in the regulations that discipline the relationships between single States. Luigi Vitale was appointed as the manager for the south of Italy of the international sector of the FIAIP, the Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents.

Real estate agents of proven professionalism.

When we talk about the purchase and sale of real estate we must trust in specialist real estate agents of proven professionalism and avoid recourse to brokerage that does not offer the necessary guarantees. By contacting Vitale Immobiliare you will have at your disposal professionals who can prevent any problem and who will make the transaction easier and safer.

Purchase and sale with no surprises

As part of the purchase and sale of real estate Luigi Vitale’s agency will first of all carry out “due diligence” of the documents on the property to be sold with in-depth checks for the prevention of any type of restriction. Then a detailed analysis of the potential purchaser is also carried out in order to know his or her true objectives, needs and financial potential.

Real Estate transactions overseas

In the case of overseas transactions, it is essential to contact a real estate agent who specializes in international brokerage since the laws change from country to country and therefore it is necessary to know them well in order to safeguard the parties. By trusting Luigi Vitale you will have the certainty of appointing a professional who is certified in international real estate transactions.

Consultants and experts in real estate evaluations.

Choosing Luigi Vitale for the sale of your property means trusting a real estate agent with the qualification of Consultant and Expert Real Estate Evaluator, a qualification that gives you the certainty that the property had been evaluated correctly by taking into consideration all its aspects: aesthetics, energy efficiency, exposure and the cadastral urban planning.

In-depth analysis and verification of property

For a real estate transaction to be successful, it is important to verify that every aspect of the purchase or sale has been thoroughly investigated, so as to avoid disputes and problems of any kind, before, during and after the transaction.

Verification of documents

We always perform an in-depth analysis and verification of all transaction documents, for the purpose of discovering and removing any type of property restrictions. For example: a foreclosure on a property may be found, due to the failure of paying a simple fine, or discover urban planning restrictions of which an owner was unaware.

Client needs

The task of a good real estate agent is to advise sellers regarding current market conditions, and how the supply and demand determines actual property value. 

Furthermore, an analysis of any potential buyer must be carried out, in order to best determine the client objectives and financial strength.

Not only houses

Vitale Immobiliare agency’s clients also include entrepreneurs and people from sport and show business.

The requests are not limited to the choice of a home to live in but also to the possibility of creating a B&B or to create accommodation facilities of a certain level.

All round assistance

Thanks to an extremely professional organization Luigi Vitale makes the difference on the market by going beyond the simple real estate transaction. In fact we offer complete assistance services during every phase of the purchase and sale, as well as after the sale, for example in restorations, structural modifications and renovations of the property.

Watch the interview given by Luigi Vitale to the publication YouReputation.

Corriere dell’Economia “Vitale Immobiliare point of reference for those who want to buy property in the Salento”

“Vitale Immobiliare” has been present in real estate in Puglia for about thirty years and has received important awards internationally.

The Italian real estate market has experienced ups and downs and today it is looking to take the road to recovery. In Puglia however, this trend is already advanced, as shown by the great interest in real estate investments.

Qualified clients and excellent services

Today “Vitale Immobiliare” has a particularly qualified clientele which also includes entrepreneurs and people from sport and show business. The requests are not limited only to a home to live in but also to the possibility of creating a B&B or to creating accommodation facilities of a certain level.

Thanks to an extremely professional organization Luigi Vitale makes the difference because he offers complete assistance during and after sales.

Why rely on us

We will help you to fulfil your desire in total safety.

Contacting qualified professionals in real estate such as Luigi Vitale means avoiding risks that can creep into a negotiation with no guarantee or, worse still, relying on “do it yourself”. Saving something on commissions can expose you to huge risks from the point of view of assets.

This is why it is important to verify that every aspect of the purchase and sale has been examined accurately for the purpose of avoiding disputes or problems of any type during and after sales. This is security that only a serious, expert and qualified real estate agent can guarantee.

Assistance in every phase of the purchase and sale of property

Qualified, expert and constantly up to date real estate agent

Skilled in international real estate brokerage

After sales assistance for property renovations, renovations and structural modifications.

What they say about us…

"They are competent and available from the first moment. A point of reference for the purchase of my first home... the best"

Elisa T.

"This is an agency that never leaves you dissatisfied, congratulations!"

Stefano L.

"They are serious professionals and extraordinary people!"

Emanuele C.

“After years of great hardship there are encouraging signs for the real estate market nationally.

And these signs are even more evident in the “lively” regions from the tourism point of view such as Puglia…”

“… We must be very careful however to avoid risks from the “do it yourself” that involve both the seller and buyer alike.

This was confirmed to us by an expert in the sector such as real estate agent from Lecce Luigi Vitale who, over the last two decades gained great experience nationally and internationally.
Vitale insists on the need to subject any property for sale to “due diligence” on the documents, just as it is necessary to carry out “due diligence” on the potential purchaser to verify his or her actual need and, as a priority, financial potential…”

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